Accelerator Laboratory Engineer

Job Number: 21541

Hours: Full Time

Date: July 13, 2022

The principal role of this person is to maintain, upgrade, and operate the scientific and engineering equipment located in the NW13 accelerator laboratories (and related equipment in laboratories at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center) in close collaboration with scientific users as well as oversee the functioning and safety of the laboratories.

  • Maintenance, upgrading, operating scientific and engineering equipment (e.g. ion accelerators, neutron generators, linear plasma devices and ancillary systems) in the NW13 accelerator laboratories (~80%)
  • Operating scientific equipment in associated laboratories at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center (e.g. tensile testers, furnaces, SEM, EDX machines, etc).
  • Coordinating scientific users and operation in the NW13 accelerator laboratories (~5%)
  • Providing safety training and oversight of NW13 accelerator laboratories (~5%)

This position is expected to exercise significant decision making capability on the day-to-day level to execute these responsibilities. While they will take long term direction from faculty and research scientistics, they should not only be independently capable of executing tasks but proactive in identifying and solving technical issues within the laboratory to ensure smooth scientific operations.

The NW13 accelerator laboratories will be utilized by ~20 scientific users (faculty, scientists, students), and this person will need to coordinate their accelerator time, train them as needed, and assist in the design, building, and operating of their experiments.

There are 3 accelerators, 2 neutron generators, and 1 linear plasma device that will be directly maintained and operated by this position. This equipment is expensive (several million dollars in total), difficult to replace, and involves significant hazards. The level of responsibility expected in the maintenance of such scientific and engineering equipment is high.

Masters degree is required, and higher degree is preferred in mechanical or electrical engineering (or closely related field) along with a minimum of five years of experience working with complex mechanical and/or scientific equipment. Expert knowledge of the equipment described is strongly preferred. Experience with computer-aided design (CAD) software (e.g. SolidWorks) and finite-element analysis (e.g. COMSOL) as well as hands-on mechanical fabrication and assembly of mechanical and/or electrical systems is required. Must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of relevant tools, equipment, and safety procedures involved in work with ion accelerators and related equipment. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, stand for extended periods, and work in confined spaces as necessary.

This position is not eligible for visa sponsorship.

Salary Range:  $90,000 – $125,000

Please apply for the position on the Careers at MIT website.