Postdoctoral Associate

Job Number: 22134

Hours: Full Time

Date: November 22, 2022

Date: November 22, 2022

Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC), to carry out fundamental and applied research in support of the design of the SPARC and ARC tokamaks. Build an axisymmetric model for simulating magnetic equilibrium and control of ARC. Study the controllability of ARC plasmas given reduced diagnostic capability. Magnetic diagnostics will be either fewer in number, further removed from the plasma for shielding purposes, or both. The effect of external vertical stability coils will further complicate diagnostic capabilities. Different vacuum vessels and vertical stability coils will be explored for ARC.  Recommendations will be made for maximum elongation and / or triangularity. This work will deliver a workflow to aid in design iteration of ARC. The studies explored within this postdoc are expected to be experimentally verified on SPARC by using magnetics and actuator responses filtered to mimic the expected ARC reduced capabilities, though not within the duration of this postdoc.

Requirements: PhD in plasma physics or closely related field; broad knowledge of tokamak physics; ability to work with plasma simulations; proficiency with Python programming preferred.  We seek someone who can communicate effectively and enjoys working in a dynamic, fast-paced team environment with staff and students from MIT, other universities, national laboratories, and private industry. Hybrid working is acceptable but the successful candidate is expected to hold regular office hours in the PSFC for mentoring students.

Salary Range:  $80K-$85K

Please apply for the position on the Careers at MIT website.