NIF-MIT PhD Thesis Program participants

NIF-MIT PhD Thesis Program participants Hans Rinderknecht (left), Dan Casey, Alex Zylstra and Mike Rosenberg in the NIF Target Chamber with the NIF magnetic recoil spectrometer (MRS). The MRS is one of several diagnostics developed for NIF by MIT’s Plasma Science & Fusion Center and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester. The MRS neutron spectrometer is used both for NIF ignition experiments and for plasma nuclear science experiments.

Photo: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NIF-MIT Partnership Mints New PhDs

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Working hand-in-hand with LLNL researchers on NIF experiments and diagnostics is proving to be a highly successful academic strategy for recent and current physics PhD students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Three of the students in the NIF-MIT Thesis Program (Hans Rinderknecht, Alex Zylstra and Mike Rosenberg) have successfully defended their theses based on NIF data, while also serving as lead authors on important NIF-related papers in scientific journals. The fourth is scheduled to defend his thesis this coming April.

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Topics: Plasma science, High-energy-density physics, Richard Petrasso