Portrait of Lucio Milanese in front of MIT building

Lucio Milanese

Graduate Student


Lucio Milanese is a Doctoral student in the Nuclear Science and Engineering department. His research work is focused on improving our fundamental understanding of turbulence in fusion and astrophysical plasmas. Outside of his interest in science, he is passionate about history, politics and economics. Lucio was selected as a 2022 Schwarzman Scholar. 


MSci in Physics, First Class Honors, Imperial College London 2016

Awards & honors

• Schwarzman Scholar (Class of 2022), 2020
• MIT Golden Beaver Leaders award (Group), 2020
• Award for Extraordinary Service (MIT/Sidney Pacific Graduate Community), 2019
• Member of Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society, 2018
• Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (MIT, Nuclear Science and Engineering Department), 2018
• “Gloucester Research Ltd.” Prize for Academic Excellence (Imperial College London), 2015
• President’s Undergraduate Scholarship (Imperial College London), 2014


L. M. Milanese, M. Daschner, N.F. Loureiro, and S. Boldyrev, Dynamic phase alignment in inertial Alfven turbulence. Physical Review Letters, 2020.

F. Sciortino, N. T. Howard, […] L.M. Milanese, et al. Inference of experimental radial impurity transport on Alcator C-Mod: Bayesian parameter estimation and model selection. Nuclear Fusion, 2020

A.J. Creely, L.M. Milanese (co-first author), E.A. Tolman et al., Design study of a combined interferometer and polarimeter for a high-field, compact tokamak. Physics of Plasmas, 2020.

F. Riva, L.M. Milanese, and P. Ricci, Uncertainty propagation by using spectral methods:  A practical approach to a two-dimensional turbulence fluid model. Physics of Plasmas, 2017.

G.D. Sutfcliffe, L.M. Milanese et al., A novel method to recover DD fusion proton CR-39 data corrupted by fast ablator ions at OMEGA and the National Ignition Facility, Review of Scientific Instruments, 2016.

B. Lahmann, L.M. Milanese et al., Application of coincidence counting technique to DD neutron spectrometry data at the NIF, OMEGA and Z, Review of Scientific Instruments, 2016.



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