Michael Shapiro

Research Scientist





PhD in Radiophysics, University of Gorky, Russia (1990)


Gyrotrons; quasi-optics; millimeter waves; photonic crystals; metamaterials.


Gyrotron Devices: Experimental and theoretical research on high frequency (90-170 GHz), high power (up to 1.5 MW) gyrotron oscillators and amplifiers for ECR plasma heating, radars, diagnostic, and material processing.

Quasi-Optical Millimeter-Wave Circuits: Research on quasi-optical transmission lines and cavities. Diffraction theory, quasi-optics, Gaussian beams.

High Gradient Linear Accelerators: Novel methods of particle acceleration at high gradients. RF breakdown and pulse heating in high frequency linacs (17 GHz and higher).

Photonic Crystals: Novel PhC based structures for high power microwave devices and accelerators. Negative refraction metamaterials .

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Sub-millimeter wave sources (250-600 GHz) for dynamic nuclear polarization NMR and ESR spectroscopy.


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