Joseph V. Minervini

Research Affiliate





PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, US Merchant Marine Academy


Applied superconductivity using both low temperature and high temperature superconductors; superconducting magnets for magnetic confinement fusion; superconducting cyclotrons; superconducting dc power transmission; cryogenic engineering; electromagnetics; helium thermal and fluid dynamics.


Research in the field of large-scale applications of superconductors, including applied superconductivity, electromagnetics, cryogenic heat transfer, supercritical helium fluid dynamics and low temperature measurements. Conventional and superconducting magnet systems covering nearly every major application of large-scale superconductivity including fusion energy, magnetic levitation, energy storage, power generation, and transmission, magnetic separation, high energy and nuclear physics, as well as medical applications.

Recent research is focused on the application of High Temperature Superconducting materials to increasing power grid efficiency, reliability and stability. Another major research focus is the development of very high field, highly compact cyclotron accelerators for medical applications (proton and carbon radiotherapy, PET isotope production), for security applications (detection of strategic nuclear materials), and for laboratory research in nuclear physics.


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