Don Smith

Don Smith, Energetiq Technology, Inc

Dense plasmas for bright light sources, from IR to EUV

Don Smith

Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Friday, May 6, 2016



PSFC Seminars

The technology of two very high-brightness-plasma light sources will be discussed.  One is a CW laser sustained plasma in a high-pressure gas producing broadband radiation over the IR to vacuum ultraviolet range.  The laser-driven light source is now used in a wide variety of research and manufacturing applications, notably semiconductor wafer inspection and metrology, but also in research from surface science to astronomy.  The other light source technology is an inductively-driven z-pinch providing light in the 2 – 20 nm spectral range, also mostly for semiconductor manufacturing, but also for “water window” microscopy.  The basic physics and technology of the light sources will be presented with some background on the applications.