PSFC 3D Tours

Alcator C-Mod interior from A-Port


Alcator C-Mod 3D Tour

High resolution panoramas of the interior of the Alcator C-Mod tokamak have been assembled into a 3D tour of the interior of the torus. View the tour by clicking on the image or on THIS LINK.  

How to view it

With a standard web browser the view can be manipulated by dragging the mouse and by clicking on the orange arrows in the display.  

Phones and other mobile displays use the phone orientation to control the display.

If you have a google cardboard  visit the page on smart-phone, click the small blue viewer in the right of the image. You may have to select your cardboard version, if necessary click the white cartoon of the viewer to enter the stereo mode, and then place the phone into the cardboard.


Find out more about how science imagery is evolving, applications of 3D visualizations, how we built the tour, and what's up next. (PDF)

The static photo shows the interior of Alcator C-Mod viewed from A-Port looking toward the center column. Photo by Robert Mumgaard, MIT