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Rendering of SPARC, a compact, high-field, DT burning tokamak, currently under design by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Commonwealth Fusion Systems. It's mission is to create and confine a plasma that produces net fusion energy. CAD rendering by T. Henderson, CFS/MIT-PSFC​

March 1, 2022

published Nuclear Fusion

P. Rodriguez-Fernandez, et al., Overview of the SPARC physics basis towards the exploration of burning-plasma regimes in high-field, compact tokamaks

January 13, 2021

published Superconductor Science and Technology (SuST)

E.E.Salazar, et al., Fiber optic quench detection for large-scale HTS magnets demonstrated on VIPER cable during high-fidelity testing at the SULTAN facility

October 7, 2020

published Superconductor Science and Technology (SuST)

Z.S.Hartwig, et al., VIPER: an industrially scalable high-current high-temperature superconductor cable

September 29, 2020

The following papers were published in a special issue of the Journal of Plasma Physics (JPP) and are open access to everyone. Please click on the titles to read the papers on the JPP site.


M. Greenwald, Status of the SPARC Physics Basis (Editorial)

A.J. Creely, et al., Overview of the SPARC Tokamak

P. Rodriguez-Fernandez, et al., Predictions of core plasma performance for the SPARC tokamak 

J.W. Hughes, et al., High confinement access and edge pedestal structure in the SPARC tokamak 

A.Q. Kuang, et al., Prediction and mitigation of divertor heat fluxes in SPARC 

Y. Lin, et al., Physics Basis for SPARC ICRF System 

R. Sweeny, et al., MHD stability and disruptions in the SPARC tokamak 

S. Scott, et al., Fast ion physics in SPARC