The PSFC maintains a strong collaborative effort with plasma and fusion facilities around the world to develop and collaboratively implement physics and technological solutions to enable realization of fusion energy. In these collaborations, PSFC researchers utilize the physics and technology knowledge developed at the PSFC, adapting it to a different set of conditions. To enhance science understanding, PSFC researchers participate in collaborations that provide an opportunity to rigorously test our physics understanding through comparisons of experiments performed on a wide range of plasma physics conditions.

The recent constructions of superconducting long pulse devices in Europe and Asia provide a unique opportunity to apply divertor, diagnostics, RF actuators, and optimized operational scenarios in steady state conditions. Domestic and international normal-conducting devices provide opportunities to test physics in a range of configurations in well-instrumented experiments. PSFC researchers participate in planning experiments, contributing hardware, and supporting analysis. These experiments are often coordinated under the International Tokamak Physics Assessment groups in conjunction with ITER. The PSFC seeks to develop future collaborations on unique facilities worldwide to collaboratively develop physics and technological solutions for fusion energy.


Dr. Jerry Hughes