National Outreach

Outreach event

The PSFC collaborates with other laboratories and institutions on educational events. An annual Teacher’s Day (to educate teachers about plasmas) and Plasma Sciences Expo (to which teachers can bring their students) is a tradition at each year’s American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics meeting. For Fall 2024, this event will be in-person in Atlanta, Georgia. The PSFC is also involved with educational efforts sponsored by the Coalition for Plasma Science (CPS), an organization formed by members of universities and national laboratories to promote understanding of the field of plasma science. The Coalition does outreach to Congress, the general public and plasma-related institutions.

The PSFC will be hosting events for the first annual US Fusion Outreach week in May 2024. Please see the US Fusion Outreach Team website for events and related resources. Register for our Fusion Energy Week tour here.