The PSFC is known globally as a leading university research center for the study of plasma and fusion sciences, and technology. Current PSFC activities are focused on creating a scientific and engineering base for the development of fusion power. We need your help to develop smaller, faster, less expensive approaches to delivering fusion energy. Your partnership at any level is appreciated and important. Please contact Brad Smith to discuss opportunities to support the PSFC.

SPARC visualization, MIT


The SPARC Fund is expendable and supports students and faculty who are creating a scientific and engineering base for the development of fusion power. Gifts to this fund have high strategic impact by supporting people (students, faculty, and staff) and providing the team with the appropriate materials, equipment, and lab space needed to innovate the pathway to fusion power.

Caroline Sorensen, MIT

SPARC Fellowship Fund

The SPARC Fellowship Fund supports graduate students and Post-Doc fellows who are working towards the development of fusion power. Gifts to this fund ensure a continuing pipeline of the best and brightest students into the fusion effort.

Anne White with students, MIT

PSFC General Fund

The PSFC Fund is expendable and provides the greatest flexibility to the Center. This fund supports research and educational opportunities for students and faculty who are expanding the scientific understanding of the physics of plasma.

Students working at PSFC

PSFC Academic / Educational Fund

The PSFC Academic and Educational Fund provides financial support for our outreach and educational activities to support visiting students, undergraduate, graduate students and summer workshops, in addition to providing new educational tools for elementary and high schools educators, new expo and conference educational displays and materials and updated interactive teaching tools for schools, visitors and the general public.