Letters & Comments


“Just a few words of thanks for arranging the tour of your facility last Friday for our Suffolk University students. Both presenters were outstanding, so please extend my thanks to them as well. Most students knew very little about fusion, tokamaks, and all the cool science that goes with it. I think everyone was quite fascinated with what they heard and saw, and all came back with a great deal of enthusiasm.”
— Greg Sonek, ECE Department, Suffolk University

"I would like to convey my deep thanks to you for facilitating the recent exploratory visit that my son and I made to the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. I can attest that it was a wonderful learning experience! My son is currently a junior at Yale University, pursuing a physics-intensive course load, with the intention of someday being involved in magnetic plasma fusion research. This visit to the PSFC provided great inspiration toward that dream. I salute the PSFC for incorporating an important outreach component to its work, and wish you well in your efforts to inspire young future scientists and engineers, as well as enlightening the public to the importance of fusion research and MIT’s prominent role."
— Edward Barbour, Houston, TX

School Outreach Days

“The presenters were excellent! They were engaging, enthusiastic and spoke clearly.”
—Ruth Crowley, Overlook Middle School

“I think the students enjoyed the superconducting presentation the most. Allowing the kids to be exposed to the use of liquid nitrogen is a costly experience they may never receive in our public school system.”
—Russell Young, Hanson Middle School.

“Thank you so much for continuing this awesome program.”
—Sarah Lavoie, Bourne Middle School

"Thank you so much for today.  My students talked about it nonstop for an hour and a half on the way home.  The moment they stepped out of the building, they looked at each other and all said 'I can't believe we got to do that!' and 'That was so cool!' and lots of other enthusiastic comments.  They adored every presenter.  They talked about how each presenter was so interesting and likable.  They couldn't believe they got to see the Alcator C-Mod.  They didn't think there was a single moment that should be left out, and I agree.  It was perfect!  Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to young students.  It really had an impact on them."  
— Tammy Kjonaas, Wheeler School

“They [the grad student guides] did a great thing in telling the kids what sorts of educational experiences led them to MIT – that’s super important for 8th graders – to hear about the journey.”
— Ellen Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Middle School

"[My] studentswere incredibly enthusiastic about Ted’s N2 demos – it was very light hearted and showed the fun side of working in science." 
— Gary Smith, Saint John's Prep (for more from Gary and his students, check out their thoughts about Outreach Day on the SJP Sci-Tech Club blog)