Michiya Okada

Reconstruction of R&D for HTS in Japan toward radical innovations of industry

Michiya Okada

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Friday, June 23, 2017



PSFC Seminars

Abstract: The major Research and Development (R&D) projects relating to superconducting technology in Japan will be reviewed. At the moment, three major projects are in progress, and a new R&D consortium in private funds has been started.

  1. “Superconducting Systems”/ALCA/JST: “Superconducting Systems” is a R&D Program focused on technology transfer in the Research Area of the Advanced Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program(ALCA), supported by JST. Under the ALCA, MgB2 wire and the applications are under development.
  2. ” Superconducting System”/S-INNOVATION/JST: Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development (S-INNOVATION), creating innovation with industry and academia hand in hand on the R&D themes with high impact on society. Under the program, next-generation NMR, high-efficient railway technologies, HTS SQUID etc. are under development.
  3.  “Project for the Promotion to the Commercialization of High-Temperature Superconductivity Technology”/NEDO: This new project has just started in FY2016, focusing to develop the HTS system applications, i.e. the HTS MRI Magnet and the HTS Power Transmission Cable Systems.
  4. ASCOT: A new R&D consortium, called “ASCOT (Applied Superconductivity Constellations of Tsukuba)”, have been established in FY2016 based on the private funds. The details of the ASCOT would also to be introduced.

AIST, succeeded ISTEC, would make our best endeavors to promote radical innovation by developing advanced HTS technology. We believe international collaboration is required for realizing radical innovation of industry. In FY2017, ASCOT will be open for international industry & institutes with active potential for superconductivity. Human Resource Development is the most urgent issue for enabling sustainable growth in Superconductivity in Japan. 2nd Superconductivity School would be organized 10-12 Dec. 2017, in Tokyo. Just after the school, we will organize 30th International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2017) on 13 – 15 Dec. 2017 at IINO HALL & CONFERENCE CENTER in Tokyo.

Bio: Michiya OKADA is Project Leader, “Project for the Promotion to the Commercialization of High-Temperature Superconductivity Technology”, Deputy Director, TIA Central Office of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Managing Director of the Applied Superconductivity Constellations of Tsukuba(ASCOT). Dr. Okada received his Dr. Eng. at Kyushu Univ. (1996, in HTS Wire and the Magnet Technology), and his M.D. (School of Engineering) from the Kyushu University(1984). In 1984, He Joined Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd, heavily involved in HTS since just after 1986.

1987- Joined in Superconducting Technology Development

2003-2004 Director, Department of Material Research for Energy System

2005-2007 Project Leader, R&D Project for advanced NMR System

2008-2009 Chief Research Scientist:

Oct. 2009 Transferred Permanent Position from Hitachi to AIST

He was received 2nd Superconductivity Science and Technology Award (1998), Hitachi President Intellectual Property Award, Gold (2004), Hitachi Medical President Award for Profitable Technology Development, Grand Prize (2008), 14th Superconductivity Science and Technology Award (2010), FY2012 AIST President Prize (2013), 11th Industry, academia and government Meritorious Service Award, Keidanren Chairman's Award (2013)