New dual/tri-particle monoenergetic backlighting/stopping power platform for NIF and OMEGA

Graeme Stucliffe


Tuesday, April 3, 2018



PSFC Student Seminars

The D3He backlighter platform, based on laser-driven implosions of D3He-filled capsules, generates mono-energetic 14.7-MeV and 3.0-MeV protons and has been used with success on OMEGA and the NIF for both radiography and stopping-power studies. We now propose a three-particle mono-energetic backlighter based on a DT3He gas-filled capsule implosion that will provide 14.7-MeV and 3.0-MeV protons plus 9.5-MeV deuterons from the T3He reaction. This third particle is important for both backlighting and stopping experiments, and will result in high-quality radiographs of E and B fields and plasma matter. Upcoming experiments on the OMEGA laser will characterize the performance of the new backlighter.