Challenges and opportunities for transient control in high-field tokamaks

Carlos Paz-Soldan

General Atomics

Thursday, July 11, 2019



PSFC Seminars

The planned operating regime of the SPARC tokamak presents unique challenges and opportunities for transient control. This presentation will highlight expectations and extrapolations from the existing body of tokamak knowledge for the specific transient phenomena of 1) error field (EF) control, 2) edge-localized mode (ELM) control, and 3) runaway electron (RE) control. For EF control, the recently updated empirical scaling laws for EF penetration will be discussed, as well as opportunities for control afforded by ex-vessel trim coils. For ELM control, the expected ELM energy loss will be discussed as well as the prospects of 3D fields and quiescent H-mode operation to meet the ELM challenge. For RE control, expectations for RE formation and amplification will be discussed together with novel opportunities for RE control afforded at the design stage.