Design and installation of a 1D Lyman-alpha camera for Edge Neutral Studies on DIII-D

Aaron Rosenthal


Tuesday, May 14, 2019



PSFC Student Seminars

Recently, a newly developed 1-D Lyman-alpha diagnostic was installed on DIII-D. The diagnostic consists of two pinhole cameras providing edge Lyman-alpha emission profiles on the low field and high field side of the tokamak. The Lyman-alpha camera is intended to provide an improved characterization of neutrals for DIII-D by measuring the Lyman-alpha brightness. The views of the camera were informed by a synthetic diagnostic using SOLPS simulations of edge Lyman-alpha brightness. The camera is intended to investigate divertor leakage, main chamber fueling and radial particle transport. This talk will focus on the design challenges, fabrication and installation of the pinhole camera on DIII-D.