Feasibility study for a temperature fluctuation diagnostic based on soft X-ray imaging

Speaker 2: Xiang Chen


Tuesday, November 3, 2020



PSFC Student Seminars

Turbulence transport can significantly limit fusion gain. A deep understanding of turbulent transport requires sufficient experimental data of turbulence quantities, such as the fluctuations of electron density and temperature. In this work, we explored the feasibility of using soft X-ray imaging to measure electron temperature fluctuations. A pseudolocal tomography algorithm is proposed to reconstruct local electron temperature fluctuations from the measurements of line-integrated soft X-ray emissivity, and a model based on the configuration of NSTX, a spherical tokamak is devised to test this algorithm. It turns out that the spectrum of the fluctuations can be reconstructed to an acceptable level with a limited number of X-ray detectors arranged on the tokamak wall, as specified by the pseudolocal tomography algorithm.​

Zoom easy link:  https://mit.zoom.us/j/97594071409?pwd=RE9iKzNwMFNKN1ZQTEJCaVFYUmd2dz09