Photo of Yuichi Takase

Yuichi Takase

ST40 results and future plans at Tokamak Energy

Yuichi Takase

Tokamak Energy

Friday, December 10, 2021



PSFC Seminars

Abstract: Tokamak Energy is aiming at an early realization of commercial fusion energy utilizing the advantages of the spherical tokamak (ST) and the high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets. ST40 (R = 0.4 m, A = 1.7) is currently operating at Bt around 2 T and Ip around 0.5 MA. Recent progress towards the fusion ion temperature of 100 million degrees K, as well as other activities including the development of HTC magnets will be reported. Tokamak Energy’s development plan towards ST-E1, a fusion power plant demonstrator, will also be described briefly.

Bio: Prof. Yuichi Takase did his ScD work on experimental and theoretical studies of parametric decay instability during lower hybrid wave heating and current drive on Alcator C. He continued to work at MIT for a total of 19 years and lead the successful ICRF heating experiments on Alcator C-Mod. He became Professor at the Department of Physics and Department of Complexity Science and Engineering at the University of Tokyo and started the TST-2 spherical tokamak project. He was also involved with research on TFTR, JT-60U, JFT-2M, JIPPT-IIU tokamaks, NSTX, MAST, QUEST spherical tokamaks, and LHD stellarator. He played an instrumental role in defining the mission and device specifications of JT-60SA, and lead the coordination of ST programs at Japanese universities. After 24 years, he retired from the University of Tokyo, and now works at Tokamak Energy as Senior Technical Adviser.