Topological phenomenon to drive the magical world of spintronics

Yasen Hou and Shu-Wei Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

Wednesday, January 27, 2021



IAP Seminars

Spintronic devices make use of electron spin to carry information, thereby offering significantly greater versatility and functionality to future information processing. Comparing the control of spin via external magnetic fields, switching nanomagnets by electrical field or current offers superior scalability, as well as low-power and high-speed operation. In the past decade many breakthroughs have relied on topology. A good example is the topological insulator (TI) system that is dictated by strong spin-orbit coupling, which leads to complete spin-momentum locking of surface states and dissipationless spin-polarized current flow. With the current controlled spin-orbit torque (SOT), it is possible to manipulate the magnetization of the magnetic materials interfacing with Tis. Our recent work demonstrates an exceedingly large spin-to-charge current conversion in intrinsic TIs, paving the way for the realization of room temperature SOT magnetic switching. The Moodera Laboratory is currently exploring a rich variety of exchange-coupled Tis, researching the interface-driven quantum phenomena in order to make strides towards the topology-tuned “magical world of spintronics.” We shall outline the field and path forward.

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