There and Back: The journey to 20 T on the SPARC Toroidal Field Model Coil

Ted Golfinopoulos, Brian LaBombard


Friday, June 10, 2022


NW17-218 Hybrid

PSFC Seminars

Mission: Demonstrate 20T operation in no-insulation HTS DC magnet for fusion power application; risk-retire SPARC TF design

Part 1 - Brian LaBombard

- What is a no-insulation no-twist (NINT) HTS coil?
NINT HTS origins; early NINT R&D for SPARC; unique properties and electrical characteristics

- SPARC TF NINT design requirements and Risks; TFMC vs. SPARC TF design

- TFMC 20 Tesla test plan and performance predictions

Part 2 - Ted Golfinopoulos

- TFMC Test Facility
PSFC magnet test facility – cryogenics, high DC current, current leads, instrumentation and control

- 20 Tesla Test – September 2-7, 2021
B-fields attained; comparison against simulations

- Next Steps