Bright light produced by three lasers

IAP PSFC Showcase

A series of posters and talks about the latest plasma and fusion research being done at MIT.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023



IAP Seminars

Meet the next generation of fusion scientists, and learn what they are doing at MIT to make this game-changing technology a viable carbon-free energy source.

For over 45 years MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) has been exploring nuclear fusion as a source of energy through a series of tokamaks, devices that use magnets to confine hot plasma in a donut-shaped chamber. This has culminated recently in the design and testing of revolutionary superconducting magnets for SPARC, a compact tokamak on track to provide a faster, less expensive path to practical fusion energy.

Hosted at the Sala de Puerto Rico, the IAP Plasma Science and Fusion Center Showcase features a competitive poster session, and lightning talks on key areas of plasma research. And lunch!

11am – Poster Session
12pm – Lunch and Lightning Talks

Get to know the people and the projects of the PSFC.  Students are eager to chat about research opportunities. Attendees may even win a prize or two.

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