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Julian Picard, MIT

Julian Picard: Chopping microwaves, sharpening instincts

Picard's study of the microwaves that speed from the megawatt gyrotron at MIT’s PSFC could lead the way to smaller and more powerful particle accelerators, the kind of finished product Picard finds rewarding.  


metamaterial, MIT

A metamaterial for next generation particle accelerators

Particle accelerators are some of the biggest man-made machines, capable of endowing particles with tera-electron-volts of energy. A group led by Richard Temkin at MIT has designed and tested  a “metamaterial” that offers potential advantages for wakefield acceleration.


Sasha Soane wins IVEC best student paper award

“The best thing I learned in grad school is not necessarily how to amplify 140 GHz; it’s really the ability to go back and challenge the fundamental axioms behind your entire design approach.” - PhD Candidate Sasha Soane


Richard Temkin

Temkin named IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award Winner

Dr. Richard J. Temkin, a senior scientist in the Department of Physics and associate director of the PSFC, has been named as the recipient of the 2013 IEEE Plasma Science and Application Award. Temkin, who heads the Waves and Beams Division at the PSFC, was cited "for fundamental contributions to the field of high power gyrotrons and their application."

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