Roy Alexander (Alex) Tinguely

Research Scientist


Alex Tinguely is a PhD candidate in the MIT Department of Physics and conducts research at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center. Under the supervision of Dr. Robert Granetz and Dr. Earl Marmar, Alex studies the physics of tokamak plasma disruptions, during which plasmas rapidly terminate. His thesis project focuses on the evolution of relativistic "runaway" electrons which emit visible synchrotron radiation and can be generated during disruptions. Ultimately, Alex's goal is to predict and avoid (or mitigate) both runaway electrons and disruptions as they can damage and halt the operation of fusion devices. In his spare time, Alex dabbles in the fields of transformation optics and optical black holes.


Bachelor of Science, Physics and Mathematics, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2014 

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RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, O Embréus. Spatiotemporal evolution of runaway electrons from synchrotron images in Alcator C-Mod. Submitted to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2018)

AQ Kuang, NM Cao, AJ Creely, CA Dennett, J Hecla, B LaBombard, RA Tinguely, EA Tolman, H Hoffman, M Major, J Ruiz Ruiz, D Brunner, P Grover, C Laughman, BN Sorbom, and DG Whyte. Conceptual design study for heat exhaust management in the ARC fusion pilot plant. Accepted for publication in Fusion Engineering and Design (2018)

C Rea, RS Granetz, K Montes, RA Tinguely, N Eidietis, J M Hanson and B Sammuli.  Disruption prediction investigations using Machine Learning tools on DIII-D and Alcator C-Mod. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 084004 (2018)

RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, M Hoppe, O Embréus. Measurements of runaway electron synchrotron spectra at high magnetic fields in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion 58 076019 (2018)
M Hoppe, O Embréus, RA Tinguely, RS Granetz, A Stahl and T Fülöp. SOFT: A synthetic synchrotron diagnostic for runaway electrons. Nuclear Fusion 58 026032 (2018)

R.A. Tinguely, R.S. Granetz, A. Berg, A.Q. Kuang, D. Brunner and B. LaBombard. High-resolution disruption halo current measurements using Langmuir probes in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion 58 016005 (2018)


TA/Grader for 8.613J/22.611: Introduction to Plasma Physics, Prof. Anne White
TA/Grader for 8.624: Plasma Waves, Prof. Miklos Porkolab
TA for 22.63: Engineering Principles for Fusion Reactors, Prof. Dennis Whyte


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