Theo Mouratidis

Postdoctoral Associate



Theodore Mouratidis is a PhD Candidate in Aero Astro, working under Dennis Whyte at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center. Initially motivated by plasma and high energy density propulsion technologies, he simultaneously recognized fusion was key for future interstellar space travel, and its viability to become the primary energy source the planet would eventually rely on. His research is focused on the demountable joints in HTS superconducting coils for ARC. These are a crucial development for future commercial fusion reactors, as internal components of a reactor are subject to neutron damage and need to be replaced; demountability of the toroidal field magnets will allow for simpler access to these internal components.


Bachelor of Science in Aero Astro Engineering (Course 16) and Physics (Course 8), MIT, Cambridge MA, 2016
Master of Aero Astro Engineering (Course 16), MIT, Cambridge MA, 2018
PhD Candidate, MIT, Cambridge MA, Expected 2022


Awards & honors

MITEI Energy Fellow, 2021

Work experience

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 2014
Stanford Plasma Physics Laboratory, 2015
High School Math and Physics Tutoring, MIT Propulsion Tutoring