William M. Burke, Jr.

Research Engineer





BSEE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1983)


Analog and digital electronic design; PC board design and electronic packaging.


Electrical engineering to support the design and operation of magnetic fusion reactors: Magnet systems, including power supplies, cryogenics, and diagnostics. Vacuum systems and vacuum vessel temperature control. RF heating and plasma diagnostics. Reactor safety systems and interlocks.

Analog Electronics: Amplifiers, filters, data converters, sensor interfaces and signal conditioning, signal processing and feedback control.

Digital Electronics: System design with CPLD's, FPGA's, and microprocessors for precision timing, sequencing, and synchronization. Fiber optic communication and control links.

RF Systems: Analysis and design of RF tuning and matching networks. Amplitude, frequency, and phase control of RF amplifiers. Design of kilowatt level RF sources for MHD diagnostics.


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