Richard J. Temkin

Richard J. Temkin

Senior Research Scientist, Physics Department

Head, Plasma Science and Technology





BA, Harvard College, Magna cum Laude with Highest Honors in Physics, 1966
Ph.D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971


IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award, 2013
Exceptional Service Award, Intl. Soc. Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, 2011
Robert L. Woods Award of Dept. of Defense for Vacuum Electronics, 2000
Fellow, Institute of Physics (London), 1999
Certificate of Recognition, IEEE Electron Device Society, 1998
Kenneth J. Button Prize and Medal, The Institute of Physics, London, 1995
Certificate of Merit, U. S. Dept. of Energy and ITER Program, 1995
Fellow, IEEE, 1994
Fellow, American Physical Society, 1992


Electron Cyclotron Maser/Gyrotron: Experimental and theoretical research on high frequency (50 - 600 GHz), high power (up to 1.5 MW) gyrotrons and their application to plasma heating; radar; and plasma diagnostics.

High Gradient Acceleration: High gradient electron accelerators capable of operation at gradients above 100 MeV/meter. Research on novel accelerator structures including photonic bandgap structures and metamaterials.

High Power Microwave Research: Novel sources of high power microwaves and novel structures for microwave generation.

Terahertz Vacuum Electron Devices: Novel concepts for vacuum electron devices, such as the overmoded traveling wave tube, which can produce tens of watts of power at terahertz frequencies.

Low-Loss Transmission Lines for Millimeter Wave Radiation: Theoretical and experimental research on overmoded transmission lines for millimeter wave and THz radiation including corrugated metallic waveguides.

High Magnetic Field, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR): Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) using combined NMR and electron spin resonance (ESR) at high magnetic fields (5 - 20T). Research on continuous wave and pulsed microwave oscillators and amplifiers for DNP / NMR.


Vacuum electron device with a photonic bandgap structure and method of use thereof, US Patent 6801107, (2002).

Photonic band gap structure simulator, US Patent 7117133 (2002).

Photonic crystal ribbon-beam traveling wave amplifier, US Patent 7538608 (2004).


“High Power Long Pulse Microwave Generation from a Metamaterial Structure with Reverse Symmetry,” Xueying Lu, Jacob C. Stephens, Ivan Mastovsky, Michael A. Shapiro, Richard J. Temkin, Phys. Plasmas Vol. 25, 023102 (2018).

“Photonic-Band-Gap Gyrotron Amplifier with Picosecond Pulses,” Emilio A. Nanni, Sudheer Jawla, Samantha M. Lewis, Michael A. Shapiro, and Richard J. Temkin, Applied Phys. Lett. 111, 233504 (2017).

“Operation of a 140 GHz Gyro-amplifier using a Dielectric-loaded, Sever-less Confocal Waveguide,” Alexander V. Soane, Michael A. Shapiro, Sudheer Jawla, and Richard J. Temkin, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. Vol. 45, Issue 10, pp. 2835-2840 (2017).

“Electron Density and Gas Density Measurements in a Millimeter-Wave Discharge,” S. C. Schaub, J. S. Hummelt, W. C. Guss, M. A. Shapiro, and R. J. Temkin Phys. of Plasmas, Vol. 23, 083512 (2016).

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High Powered Microwaves & Nuclear Fusion Energy, Interview at Univ. Michigan, YouTube, Dec. 16, 2014