Rishabh Datta

Graduate Student




Rishabh is a PhD candidate in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a research assistant at MIT's Plasma Science & Fusion Center, Rishabh works on high-energy-density pulsed-power driven plasmas. His areas of focus are magnetized shocks and radiatively-cooled magnetic reconnection.


  • MIT, SM Mechanical Engineering, 2022
  • Georgia Tech, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Awards & Honors

  • MathWorks Fellowship 2022-23
  • Keck Award in Thermal Sciences 2021
  • GSC Conference Grant 2021

Work experience

  • Research Assistant, Solar Fuels and Technologies Laboratory, Georgia Tech
  • Research Intern, Nanoshock Laboratory, Technical University Munich
  • CFD and Engineering Intern, Emrgy - Distributed Hydropower Solutions


Datta, Rishabh, et al. "The structure of 3-D collisional magnetized bow shocks in pulsed-power-driven plasma flows." Journal of Plasma Physics 88.6 (2022): 905880604.

Datta, R., et al. "Time-resolved velocity and ion sound speed measurements from simultaneous bow shock imaging and inductive probe measurements." Review of Scientific Instruments 93.10 (2022): 103530.

Bush, H. Evan, Rishabh Datta, and Peter G. Loutzenhiser. "Aluminum-doped strontium ferrites for a two-step solar thermochemical air separation cycle: Thermodynamic characterization and cycle analysis." Solar Energy 188 (2019): 775-786.