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Intro to fusion, MIT

VIDEO: Introduction to Fusion

Could fusion, the process that fuels the sun and stars, be a source of plentiful, clean, carbon-free energy on earth? Learn how fusion occurs, and what researchers around the world are doing to understand the process, and to harness its potential. Narrated by Plasma Science and Fusion Center research scientist Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez.

bow shock in the Orion Nebula

Astrophysical shock phenomena reproduced in laboratory

PSFC's Chikang Li and an international team of researachers have reproduced critical conditions of collisionless shocks in the laboratory, allowing for detailed study of the processes taking place within giant cosmic smashups.

MIT News

From summer research program to PhD dissertation

One of the most important aspects of MIT’s educational mission is preparing students to be effective members of their scientific and technological communities. For Raspberry Simpson, that process began when she was a 17-year-old participant in the MIT Summer Research Program.

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Members of the HEDP division, MIT

Stronger together

Officially entitled the Center for Advanced Nuclear Diagnostics and Platforms for Inertial ICF and HEDP at Omega, NIF and Z, the new Center will focus on the properties of plasma under extreme conditions of temperature, density and pressure.